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When you sign up with you are helping build the most comprehensive rental property database. The purpose of this site is to give owners and tenants the most convenient tools for finding and renting properties.  This is done by allowing our members to advertise listings as far as one year in advance!  Most sites and newspapers only allow you to advertise one month in advance, leaving tenants and owners scrambling to fill available rentals.  This also means that you will only have to enter your property once! If you have rented a property you can unpublish your listing with one click of a button -- and then use that same button to re-publish your listing once you are ready to advertise again.

 And here is the best part: Its Absolutely FREE!

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What We Do:

We provide web tools and services that help prospective tenants and property owners find and rent properties as quick and conveniently as possible. If you have any questions on how to use our site or issues with your listings we will respond promptly and effectively to help resolve your issue.

We are constantly refining our services to best promote our site, and therefore your properties.  We currently send out our list of available properties to Google, PropSmart, Oodle, and Vast rental sites. We are also constantly working on ways to improve our search engine presence.

How The Site Works:

  • For Property Owners -

Once you sign up you will be able to view all of our tools to create and manage listings.  These tools will allow you to edit your listings 24/7, giving prospective tenants the most up-do-date status of all of your properties.  You will also be able to hide your email address - preventing any spam or unwanted messages from pilling up in your mailbox.  

The idea is you can list as little or as much information as you want.  This will allow you to share more information for prospective tenants upfront - eliminating the need to deal with unneccesary phone calls and property viewings that could have been avoided had more information been available.

If you have any questions of feedback please feel free to contact us .

  • For Prospective Tenants -

Use our map and search filter to conveniently find an apartment when and where you need it.  Our search filter lets you narrow down your search listings by: The month available, county, town, bedroom number, price, and whether or not pets are allowed. 

By using the LIST SEARCH button you will be given a list of properties that meet your needs while also being able to now sort by: bed #, price, town, or available month. 

If you use the MAP SEARCH button you will see the same listings as above except that they will show up as markers on a google map.  This makes it easy for you to see exactly where all of the listings are in relation to each other and how close they are to your desired renting location.

You can also use our Social Bookmarking tool found on each listing page.  This will allow you to save listings you are interested in to a number of different sites (such as Facebook and Myspace) for quick access and easy sharing.