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Housing Resources


Seasonal Fuel Assistance
(802) 241-1165

The Seasonal Fuel Assistance Program (SFA) is administered by the Office of Home Heating Fuel Assistance (OHHFA) in Waterbury and helps low income families pay a portion of their home heating bills.  Applications are available from OHHFA, district offices of Department for Children and Families and at Community Action.

Assistance is for homeowners and renters who pay for their heat or when heat is included in the rent. A single benefit is sent directly to the fuel supplier, except for those that live in heated rentals; they receive the benefit directly. Applications are accepted from July 15 until the last day in February.  Applicants that pay for the heat and apply by August 31 will have their benefit sent to their fuel supplier by November 30.  Applicants that apply between September 1 and November 30 will still receive a full benefit but not until January 15. After that the benefit will decrease and will arrive later.   A household must apply for Seasonal Fuel Assistance in order to be considered for Crisis Fuel Assistance.